AMI Communications
AMI Communications is a telecommunications company covering voice, data, IT and enterprise solutions.
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Fishing Ammo
Fishing Ammo caters to outdoor enthusiasts and sells the popular Shell Bobber fishing accessory.
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Nosh is a restaurant in Geneva, IL featuring a diversified menu focused on breakfast and lunch experiences.
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VinTech Systems
VinTech Systems is a licensed system provider in Chicago, IL offering security systems and installation services.
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We are a multipurpose software development and audio/video production company

We offer development services for the web covering design, application development, programming, consulting, and specialized services. We use open and standardized technologies and work with individuals, small businesses, and large corporations in meeting their goals and assist with future growth.

Located in St Petersburg, FL, we create custom web services for not only for the Tampa Bay, Pinellas, and central Florida areas, but nationwide. We believe in the core values and passion of the small business and pride ourselves in helping clients of all sizes with theirs. In addition to custom development services, we also develop open source and free software compliant software solutions.

Feel free to read more about us, browse frequently asked questions, view our process, view our services, or contact us.

What We Do

Dynamic Web Sites for Individuals and Businesses
For clients looking for a new or redesigned online presence for themselves or business, a web page can be created with their logo, colors, and text to best represent themselves or a company in one page or more. We work within your budget and use a three step process beginning with a detailed analysis and develop with open standards in design and programming with cross browser HTML5 and JavaScript code.
Customized and Scalable Web Applications
For clients demanding a more advanced web presence, the web application serves as a backend for an existing website or internally as a custom business application. We have a team of expert PHP programmers and jQuery programmers in addition being expert MySQL developers and MongoDB developers to assist in your personal web site or company web site with proven open source programming languages and tools.
Increase Search Engine Visibility
Getting a business known is tough with many companies aiming for the front pages of the major search engines through a variation of search terms. It can be a unique business trying to find its niche or an established one looking to expand its market. We not only increase search engine results for the client with an SEO and social media marketing strategy, but also monitor daily and optimize the website.
Social Media Integration
If social media is essential for your business, we will help integrate social media sites on your web page including Facebook and Twitter. We understand that social media is critical to the stability and growth of businesses as as it aids in advertising and sustaining interest for the business' products and/or services.
Specialized Services
We offer individual web service options including blog software to an e-commerce shopping cart handling credit card and PayPal payments. We also offer web consultation services for all business sizes. Do you have any questions about domain management, web hosting and/or Linux server administration? We have that covered and provide a variety of personal webpage and small business solutions.

Local Areas

If you or your company resides in Florida, we offer local services to these areas:


We are proud of our relationships with past and current clients with assisting in their growth. Our clients include:


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As a service to our vistors, we provide articles written by members of our staff that provide insight on technology.

These articles cover important software development topics and trends including:


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